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Royal Orchid Hotels launches a wilderness resort in Kabini

The launch of Regenta Kabini Springs Resort on the Kerala-Karnataka border at HD Kote has added another boutique resort property to ROHL’s portfolio. The 20-room wilderness resort was previously a stand-alone hotel that became part of the ROHL brand after extensive renovations.

“The uniqueness about the Kabini property is that it is the only resort inside the wildlife park. All other hotels and resorts are outside the park,” said Chander Baljee, CMD, ROHL, while sharing the significance of the new property. “Everything is brand new apart from the old structure,” he said, explaining the kind of renovation that the property has undergone since the owner decided to join the ROHL portfolio.

The resort, spread out over ten acres of land, provides plenty of open space for guests, as accommodations are divided into five blocks, each with four rooms. Baljee added, “It has a very peaceful location abutting a river.” Because of the modest inventory, he added, the resort provides a high level of individualized care and service to visitors.

The property has added a lovely pool to the facility as part of the remodelling. “Because of the property’s proximity to Kerala, we expect a lot of week-end traffic from the Kerala side into the resort,” Baljee informs.

With the latest acquisition, ROHL has surpassed the 70-hotel milestone in operational hotels. ROHL already has a substantial presence in wilderness destinations. Resorts are located in Ranthambore and Pench and famous bird sanctuaries like Bharatpur and Mysore. 

ROHL has added 15 additional hotels in the last two years, particularly during the Covid19 outbreak, according to Baljee, and plans to add another 15 soon. “Our target is to reach 100 hotels by the end of the next financial year 2022-23,” he said.

According to him, the hotel group will be able to add another 2000 rooms to its existing 4,500-room inventory due to this expansion. 

He believes that independent hotels will continue to join the ROHL bandwagon because they will benefit from well-defined and proven SOPs, sales and marketing support, and advanced technological platforms.

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