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“We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen,” Ritz Carlton always setting the bar high

Glamour, opulence, and luxury are all words that come to mind when thinking of Ritz-Carlton’s five-star hotel. Whether or not they have stayed there, most people consider the hotel chain one of the most upscale and wealthy industries. However, not everyone is aware of what keeps the clock ticking for the hotel industry.

The hotel company operates luxury hotels and five-star resorts worldwide and has a long history of demonstrating a customer-focused organisational culture.

The secret to Ritz’s unrivalled customer service is its stringent adherence to its “Gold Standards,” which have been in place since the beginning. The Motto, the Credo, the Three Steps of Service, the Service Values, and the Employee Promise are among the criteria that encompass the brand’s philosophy and values.

The motto, “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen,” is perhaps the most well-known component of the Gold Standards of Ritz Carlton. Employees use this framework to deal with visitors and coworkers. They must treat Ritz-Carlton visitors with respect and be respectful of their coworkers.

The company promises to “provide the finest personal service and facilities for [its] guests who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambience” in its Credo. Employees are dedicated to meeting even their guests’ unspoken wants.

Then there are Twelve Service Values of The Ritz-Carlton, which reminds the employees that great hospitality comes from long-term commitments from people who take pride in their work.

Employees are regarded as the company’s most valuable asset. The corporation takes the recruiting process very seriously because all Ritz-Carlton employees are brand ambassadors. Candidates must be friendly, kind, eager to learn, and have a desire to help others.

Training staff to gain technical abilities may be simpler, but the Ritz Carlton’s innate talent sets it apart. A person’s ability to operate as part of a team and reflect its concept, for example, is more valuable than their housekeeping skills.

As stated in its Credo, the Ritz-Carlton seeks to take service to the next level by addressing unspoken desires. As a result, the organisation is looking for people who will take the initiative to anticipate their clients’ demands.

The company spends a lot of money on team member training. Every team member is required to complete at least 250 hours of training each year by the company. Because different people learn in various ways, the Ritz offers orientation in multiple formats, including one-on-one coaching, online training, classroom training, and weeklong seminars. Employee engagement and loyalty are also crucial to the organisation, fostering a high degree of dedication by listening to its “Ladies and Gentlemen.” Staff members are certified in the standards of their positions on their 21st day on the job, and they also have access to a forum where they may openly share the advantages and negatives they have encountered thus far. On Day 21, management has the opportunity to listen to the requirements of newly employed Ladies and Gentlemen and re-enrol them before they disengage.

Employees treated with respect and dignity operate in an environment that encourages them to achieve their full potential. Employees feel like they’re part of a team and understand the importance of their specific role in providing excellent service. The organisation recognises that the best approach to live up to these ideals is to provide decision-making authority to its people.

Employees that are empowered see that their decisions contribute to the company’s success and, as a result, they are more invested in their work. They can take the initiative and express originality without needing permission from management, which gives them a sense of pride in their work.

With 109 hotels in various places worldwide, the Ritz-Carlton has a unique obligation to guarantee that its best practices are shared throughout the firm. The hotel group’s innovation database comes in handy here. Employees at the Ritz-Carlton must use this system to communicate tried-and-true customer-experience suggestions. Properties can share ideas and comments from other locations that are dealing with similar issues. Over 1,000 unique practices are present in the database, each of which has been evaluated on a site before adding to the system.

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