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Startup VAAN unveils electric bikes in Kochi

The national launch of VAAN Electric Moto Pvt Ltd’s all-new electric bicycle was held in Kochi on Friday. VAAN Electric Moto Pvt Ltd is an Indian lifestyle e-mobility startup. 

The e-bike comes in two models: Urbansport and Urbansport Pro, with prices starting at INR 59,999 and INR 69,999, respectively. 

According to the company, Kochi will be the first market for e-bikes, and it will be followed by Goa, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

The EICMA 2021 motorcycle show in Italy had previously displayed and introduced both the Urbansport and Urbansport Pro models worldwide. For engineering and supply chain, VAAN has partnered with the Italian e-bike firm Benelli Biciclette and has worked closely with the Benelli team to create the Urbansport tandem. 

Benelli designed the e-bikes’ compact aluminium unisex frames, saddle, rims, and handlebar. The e-bikes have a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a pedal-assisted range of 60km. A full charge, according to VAAN, would only require half a unit of electricity, costing roughly INR 4-5. 

The removable battery pack, which weighs 2.5kg and takes four hours to charge fully, would enhance convenience. The motorcycles are equipped with a smart LCD that provides all pertinent information and operates the front and backlights.

According to Jithu Sukumaran Nair, CEO and founder of VAAN Electric Mobility, the company’s Ernakulam plant can assemble 2,000 cycles every month.

“We are initially targeting sales of 8,000 to 10,000 cycles a year. We also plan to launch two more products in the next three to six months,” Jithu Sukumaran Nair said.

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