Saturday, May 18, 2024 begins its operation focusing on job creation for hospitality industry begins its operation focusing on job creation for hospitality industry, a tech-enabled staffing and employment platform, commenced its operations in collaboration with The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), to create jobs in the hospitality industry. 

The platform is a job marketplace for the hospitality industry that links employment demand with skilled human capital supply. With a communal approach to skilling and future-proofing their professional growth, it goes beyond simply providing a job. 

The hospitality business has traditionally struggled with effective hiring, which was worsened by the pandemic. 80 per cent of India’s hospitality labour is migratory, and finding work across the country has always been difficult. is addressing this issue with its offline-online hybrid talent sourcing platform.

“Our goal is to be embedded within every institute and not just the specialised ones. We have an opportunity that is much larger than what is apparent – The opportunity is to be the gateway to an entire industry and the influencer to your lifelong vocation,” Rishi Khiani, founder of said.

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