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Microsoft Teams announces three new features for SMBs

Microsoft is introducing three new Teams features to make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to adjust to hybrid work culture. 

‘Schedule Meetings on Mobile,’ ‘Chat with Anyone,’ and ‘Google Calendar Integration’ are new features.

“Most of us have adapted to hybrid work, and while it is here to stay, it comes with its challenges. Small businesses, especially, need tailored solutions to help them thrive in a dynamic work environment,” the company said in a statement.

“Productivity tools and features, specifically those aimed at collaboration and improved communication, make it easier for SMBs to work together. The ultimate collaboration tool – Microsoft Teams Essentials has introduced 3 new features to enable SMBs to achieve more,” it added.

Due to the latest upgrade, team users may now schedule meetings on their phones from the calendar or even the chat window. In addition, users can now communicate with persons outside their organisation by entering the entire email address or phone number of the intended recipient and starting a 1:1 or group chat without switching tenants.

“Not only can users collaborate faster, and strengthen relations with external partners, they can do so with multiple controls in a secure environment,” the company said.

The Google calendar integration will replace the existing Teams calendar with Google Calendar, but users can always switch back.

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