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Fintech startup Planify plans to double its present workforce

Planify, a fintech company, plans to hire about 100 individuals in the first half of 2022, nearly doubling its present workforce. The company already employs more than 50 employees and expects to hire around 200 more in the coming year. 

According to a statement, the organisation is looking for fresh and experienced millennial talent, particularly those between the ages of 25 and 35, with areas of competence in financial analyst, valuation analyst, Python Developers, Frontend Developers, Android & iOS Developers.

Ishima Singla, Chief Valuation Officer, Planify, said, “Every day, a new startup is formed, increasing the demand for fundraising and company valuations, and every day, there are additions to companies trading in the Private Equity market, increasing the demand for their analysis. Planify aspires to provide high-quality valuation and analysis services to its clients while also expanding its service offering. We have a great team, and we are currently looking to grow it by 4-5 times by hiring passionate and dedicated individuals.”

Singla further said, “Our primary focus is on building a robust talent pool with strong digital skills who will strengthen our existing team to fulfil the demand surge.”

Planify has grown by 1000% year on year and now has a revenue of Rs 150 crore in the current fiscal year. The FinTech firm expects a rise in business over the next 10-12 months, which has resulted in new job openings.

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