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Yahoo News is no longer available in India; however, Yahoo Mail is still available

On August 26, the American online services company Yahoo announced the closure of its news operations in India. From Thursday forward, it will not post any new content. Yahoo Mail will not be affected by downtime, according to the company.

“Yahoo India will stop publishing material on August 26, 2021. Your Yahoo Account, Mail, and Search experiences will be unaffected and will continue to function normally. On its India webpage, the web service provider wrote, “We appreciate you for your support and readership.” Yahoo News, Yahoo Cricket, Finance, Entertainment, and MAKERS India are among the content offerings that the closure would disrupt.

The site stated that they did not make this choice lightly but that changes to regulatory rules that prohibit foreign ownership of media firms that operate and produce digital content in India impacted their India operations. The new FDI restrictions for digital media, it said, had an impact on its products.

According to the report, Yahoo Cricket, which is about sports, includes a news component, which is why the new laws have touched it.

“Yahoo has a long history with India, and we’re extremely proud of the premium, local content we’ve offered our consumers over the previous two decades. “Thank you for your continued support and confidence in our brand,” it stated, adding, “Please note: If you use Yahoo Mail, this change has no impact on you.” This development has no impact on our products Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Search, which will continue to serve Indian users in the same manner as before.”

It reaffirmed that Yahoo Mail will continue to work and that users’ email IDs will not change.

“We’ve had a long relationship with India, and we remain open to initiatives that link us to users here,” Yahoo stated.

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