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Wayfair to launch development centre in Bengaluru, add 300 jobs

US-based ecommerce firm Wayfair has announced its India Technology Development Centre (TDC) in Bengaluru. Over the upcoming year, the company will hire 300 new technology employees in the city. 

Wayfair has strategically established new TDCs across North America during the past year as part of its ongoing global talent expansion. The company is currently expanding into India intending to hire professionals in supply chain technology, website, and native apps. Wayfair selected Rohit Kaila to serve as the site leader and head of technology for Wayfair in India to lead the new Bengaluru TDC.

Kaila has over three decades of experience working across brands and is in charge of Wayfair’s expansion into India. He worked for Walmart Tech Global for the past five years.

“Bengaluru has earned a well-deserved reputation as India’s Silicon Valley, and our establishment of the TDC here will enable us to assemble a team of highly talented and experienced engineers. With its abundant digital talent pool and prestigious educational institutions, Bengaluru stands out as our preferred choice. We eagerly anticipate our crucial role in driving world-class innovations by recruiting individuals who possess deep expertise in emerging technologies such as AI-ML (artificial intelligence-machine learning), data, cloud, and more,” said Kaila in a press release.

“World-class talent is key to our growth, and we are excited to be in Bengaluru with its rich network of technical talent,” said Fiona Tan, chief technology officer at Wayfair. ‘”Employees who join our Bengaluru office can expect to work in an entrepreneurial environment with freedom to innovate, with the benefits of being at an established company of over 20 years.”

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