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Twitter now lays off 4,400 contractual workers: Report

Elon Musk reportedly laid off at least 4,400 contractual workers at the company after firing roughly 3,800 people, or about 50% of Twitter’s workforce. 

Platformer and Axios have reported that the microblogging platform is currently terminating the employment of contract employees.

“Contractors aren’t being notified at all, they’re just losing access to Slack and email. Managers figured it out when their workers just disappeared from the system,” tweeted Platformer’s Casey Newton.

“They heard nothing from their leaders,” he posted. Neither Musk nor Twitter reacted to the new wave of layoffs that started over the weekend.

Many found out they were no longer employed by the firm when they suddenly lost access to Twitter’s internal systems.

“One of my contractors just got deactivated without notice in the middle of making critical changes to our child safety workflows,” one manager posted on the company’s internal Slack messaging platform.

Following Twitter’s earlier layoffs, several contractors were placed on teams without full-time employees, leaving no one to sign off their timesheets, according to Engadget.

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