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Twinings and Ovaltine to join in Strategic Partnership

TwinningsOvo, the market leader in speciality tea, has formed a strategic alliance with Nihilent, a global consulting and change management firm that takes a human-centered approach to problem-solving. “Nihilent will play a critical role in scaling up Twinings Digital Centre in India by providing the necessary skill sets and expertise for Twinings to build its digital capabilities,” reports the press release announcing their partnership.

TwinningsOvo and Nihilent will collaborate closely on different transformational initiatives. TwiningsOvo will benefit significantly from Nihilent’s services in crafting compelling corporate value propositions, establishing systems thinking, and developing metrics-based performance management processes. Furthermore, Twinings will curate a ‘Wow’ user experience owing to Nihilent’s Design Thinking approach and patented consulting frameworks.

According to the company, the Centre will help TwinningsOvo accelerate its digital capabilities, and the availability of a talent pool will enable TwinningsOvo to rapidly scale its business technology capabilities in line with global business demands.

“We wanted to create a strategic global IT organization that can provide the right technology mindsets, skills, and capacity. We believe that the creation of the ‘Digital Centre’ will go a long way in manifesting our long-term business vision and providing consistent technology-enabled business operations. We found Nihilent as an ideal partner due to its rich experience, broad technology capabilities, and good cultural fit.” Peter Taylor, CFO, Twinings, observed.

“We want to accelerate our technology strategy and deliver a WOW experience to our stakeholders. The launch of this Digital Centre along with Nihilent will serve as a springboard for us to evolve to the next level of business performance enabled by technology.” reflects Sandeep Seeripat, CIO, Twinings.

Commenting on the launch of the center, LC Singh, Director, and Executive Vice Chairman, Nihilent, said, “TwiningsOvo’ partnership with Nihilent will help accelerate its Digital Transformation initiatives and at the same time usher in a nimble, agile, and superior digital capabilities. Nihilent understands TwiningsOvo’s objectives and has proposed an engagement model that delivers future scalable, reliable, and secured services.”

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