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The Backyard opens an outdoors zone for children in Kolkata

The Backyard, a recently opened space in Kolkata, was created to provide a free open space for families and provide open space for children to play, which is rare in the city.

“There is a great difference between the childhood we spent playing outside and the way it is today. Most play spaces today are confined to small enclosed areas that tend to be overcrowded, not letting children explore the possibility of learning through play,” said Sinaya Azhar Khan, partner – The Backyard.

In a post-Covid world where delivery-only models appear to be more sustainable, Sinaya Azhar Khan and Imran Ahmed, the founder duo, have put a lot of money into the experience endeavor. The 29,000-square-foot indoor and outdoor play space also has a cafe with a children’s menu. 

“Our goal for the cafe was to keep everything healthy and locally sourced as well. In fact, we grow most of the herbs in our kitchen garden to enhance the flavours of our dishes,” Khan added.

Kaushik Saha built the space to provide Indian artisans a platform by sourcing materials from throughout the country, ranging from wooden benches to silverware. Experiential elements, according to Khan, can and do bring greater value to today’s food and beverage offers. They may elevate a normal dinner or lunch to a memorable occasion. We’ve seen it all around the world. She believes that “a memorable F&B experience adds value to any visit.”

“Creating an experiential experience not only drives greater footfall and revenue spend but it also helps communicate a certain brand language and identity. Thus, enhancing the overall experience of visitors,” she further added.

Khan identified a few operational issues that she believes should be addressed when the restaurant first opened. “Currently, the GST charged in the F&B sector is at 5 percent. In my opinion what would be of great benefit would be if the government raised it 12 percent. This would help us claim inputs for certain imported ingredients that are essential for our industry,” she said.

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