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Mumbai’s first sip and vault concept, QEY launches in Lower Parel 

Located in Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, QEY offers more than just dining; it introduces the sip and vault concept to the city. It provides exclusive memberships, granting access to a world of sophistication. The QEY Membership Card allows patrons to store treasured collections in a personalized vault.

Divyesh Thakkar, Kaushik Mehta, and Vijay Aagarwal created QEY, seeking a space where people can belong and unwind in a busy city. With this venture, the founders of Amicis Hospitality Pvt Ltd aim to redefine premium dining and create a haven where each visit feels personalized. The restaurant’s unique loyalty memberships and exclusive access make it a compelling choice.

Umesh Desai and Associates designed the interiors, blending sophistication and contemporary aesthetics to create a stylish and inviting atmosphere for patrons to relax.

Talking about the space, Umesh Desai says, “At QEY, our vision was to craft an environment that embodies both modern sophistication and timeless elegance. By carefully selecting every detail, we have created a seamless blend of contemporary design with a touch of opulence. We aimed to create a welcoming space where patrons can unwind and indulge in an extraordinary journey of flavours and be transported into a different realm of luxury as soon as they set foot inside.”   

“At QEY, we transcend the ordinary to create a haven where culinary artistry meets personalised luxury. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s your corner of indulgence. With our exclusive Loyalty Card and Memberships, we invite you to not just dine but to become a part of an elite community, unlocking a realm of sophistication, extraordinary perks, and a culinary journey that lingers in your memories long after you leave,” adds owner and co-founder Divyesh Thakkar.

QEY aims to redefine the dining experience with its European cuisine, blending traditional recipes with modern twists.

“We’ve crafted a menu that celebrates the rich and diverse flavours of Europe while infusing a modern, global twist. Our specially curated European menu allows us to take guests on a culinary journey that explores beloved traditional dishes and reimagines them with fresh, innovative flair. Every plate is a symphony of taste and presentation, designed to leave a lasting impression,” says Mayank Chitalia, executive chef at QEY.

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