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Hospitality industry expects hiring to accelerate after robust growth in 2023 

The hospitality and tourism sector in India is poised for increased hiring in the coming months. The industry experienced robust growth this year, driven by domestic travel.

According to a report from the Hotel Association of India (HAI), the direct contribution of the hotel industry to India’s GDP is projected to reach USD 1 trillion by 2047. Experts anticipate a minimum 25% rise in workforce demand, with related sectors like travel, aviation, ticket booking, travel guides, and consultants experiencing a growing need.

“The hotel industry’s direct contribution to India’s GDP reaching USD 1 trillion by 2047 is a significant milestone. This substantial growth will undoubtedly bolster job creation within the sector, providing employment to millions of individuals across diverse skill sets,” HAI Vice President K B Kachru told PTI.

Kachru, Chairman Emeritus & Principal Advisor at South Asia Radisson Hotel Group, added that the hospitality sector has undergone significant transformation post-pandemic, leading to a complete reshaping of the employment landscape.

“We have witnessed a paradigm shift in how we operate, with more emphasis being put on adaptability, digital innovation, and a heightened focus on guest safety and well-being,” he added.

Expressing similar views, Chalet Hotels Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Urvi Aradhya said, “Post-pandemic employment landscape in the hospitality sector reflects a blend of technological integration, an increased emphasis on health and safety, a focus on local tourism, and a shift towards more flexible work arrangements.”   

In terms of the expected hiring trend, recruitment agency Gi Group Vice President Sudeep Sen said, “With the world of work specific to the hospitality industry, along with allied ones, looking extremely bright, we are going to witness a minimum influx of 25 per cent increase in the need of workforce.”

He added that industries closely connected, such as travel, aviation, ticket booking, and travel guides/consultants, will experience a growing demand. The estimated increase is expected to range between 15-18%, depending on the seasonal variations in travel destinations.

“There will be increasing demand for digital content creators, social media managers, sustainability consultants for hotels and resorts, vegan – food & beverage specialists, spa & healthcare specialists,” Sen added.

Chander K Baljee, Chairman and Managing Director of Royal Orchid Hotels, noted a substantial surge in domestic travel across India. This surge has resulted in an increased availability of accommodations across various categories, encompassing 3-, 4-, and 5-star establishments.

“With this expansion, there is also a corresponding addition to the workforce… we have proactively undertaken recruitment of fresh staff,” he said.

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