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KSUM joins with Google for startups to create worldwide connections

Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) has partnered with Google to link-local startups with the global startup ecosystem. 

Local startups can use Google’s programme, which includes mentorship and training for startup teams, to help scale up their ideas. Mr Paul Ravindranath, Head of Google for Startups Accelerator, India, announced the agreement at the KSUM’s ‘Huddle Global’ colloquium, which began on Saturday. 

According to an official release, the relationship will allow Kerala’s startups to join a larger network and take advantage of Google’s programme, including mentorship and startup teams training for scaled-up solutions.

In the future, areas outside of Silicon Valley are projected to have a greater impact on the global startup and technology ecosystem. While starting a business is easier than ever, access to proven processes, skilled mentors, and best practices for building businesses is still unevenly dispersed. 

Ravindranath, who is also Google’s Programme Manager (Developer Relations), explained that the company’s ground-breaking programme is all about enabling startup communities throughout the world and assisting them in leveraging one another for insights and resource sharing.

“We are excited about bringing this to startups under the KSUM umbrella. We are thrilled to expand our collaboration with KSUM and its exceptional startup portfolio,” he said. 

Commenting on the tie-up, John M Thomas, CEO, KSUM, said, “Partnering with Google for Startups will help our startups experience new technology arenas and global standard. KSUM is looking forward to imbibing the best practices from global arena that would bolster our ecosystem.” 

This year, KSUM will formalize its collaboration with Google for Startups to continue assisting India’s booming startup industry as an enabler of the state’s startup ecosystem and a catalyst for the tech ecosystem’s growth and development.

KSUM will be connected to an elite club of the world’s top accelerators through the ‘Kerala Startup Mission Google for Startups’ project, allowing it to share knowledge and leverage resources, according to the statement.

Google’s global network, insights from the company’s Silicon Valley-based startup programmes, and 20 years of Google research and best practice insights on growing businesses, products, and teams at a vast scale would also be available to the state-run agency. 

These resources will assist KSUM’s startup portfolio, which already includes some of the fastest-growing companies, in scale tremendously.

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