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Koo provides free lifetime verification for notable personalities

Indian microblogging app Koo will offer free lifetime verification to all notable personalities who qualify. This announcement aligns with changes to Twitter’s verification policies, following which users should expect to see a verified check mark on their profile.

The company announced the update in a press release: “Koo is committed to building a safe and inclusive platform that provides users equal opportunities to express themselves and be heard.”

“The free lifetime verification will be available to all notable personalities and creators across the world; enabling them to build trust with followers, protect their reputation and avoid impersonation on the platform,” it added.

When a user profile meets the requirements specified on its website, Koo awards a user with a Yellow Tick. 

“At Koo, we care about being inclusive in thought and action. We provide free lifetime verification for all notable personalities that qualify as a mark of recognition and protect them from impersonators so that they can share their authentic voice with their followers. We are a merit-based platform and take pride in our platform’s transparent methodology that recognizes and celebrates eminence without a price tag. The Koo Eminence Tick is a prestigious symbol that cannot be bought and we are committed to safeguarding this digital right for all notable personalities,” said Mayank Bidawatka, Co-founder of Koo.

“We have concentrated our efforts for the last 3 years to create a microblogging 2.0 experience and have become the second largest microblog with over 60 million downloads from 100+ countries. Every stakeholder gains from being on Koo. We will never charge for a feature that the internet was supposed to provide for free. Platforms need to enable. Not extract.”

Koo offers several features with Yellow Tick that are all free of cost, including free edit functionality, a longer 500-character post, longer videos, the ability to post in 20+ global languages in one go, ChatGPT prompt, scheduling posts, creating drafts, monetization tools for creators, a loyalty programme for users, and proactive content moderation that is best in class among all social media platforms.

Koo users can apply for the verification check mark via the Koo website, follow the verification process, or directly write to eminence.verification@kooapp.com.

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