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Koo offers to hire affected Twitter employees

Local microblogging service Koo has offered to hire the affected Twitter employees after new CEO Elon Musk fired several staff from his company. 

In a tweet on Friday, Mayank Bidawatka, a co-founder of Koo, offered to hire some of the former Twitter employees.

“Very sad to see #RIPTwitterAand related # to this going down. We’ll hire some of these Twitter ex-employees as we keep expanding and raise our larger, next round,” Bidawatka tweeted.

“They deserve to work where their talent is valued. Micro-blogging is about people power. Not suppression,” he added.

Musk ruthlessly fired over half of Twitter’s 7,600 employees earlier this month, shuttering various operations worldwide, including in India. 

Additionally, hundreds of workers recently left the company before Musk’s deadline to accept his “extremely hardcore” manner of working or quit the company.

Meanwhile, Koo recently announced that it had become the second-largest microblog available to the world.

The platform, launched in March 2020 and has reached 50 million downloads, has experienced growth.

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