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HotelYaari raises $2.17mn in seed funding 

HotelYaari, a fractional ownership platform for holiday homes and hotel suites, has secured $2.17 million (Rs 18 crore) in seed funding from Alios Ventures. The company said in a statement that the entire investment would be disbursed over the next three quarters in three equal tranches.   

Janardan Tiwari, a former DataTrained founder and CEO, established the startup in May 2023. The platform offers middle-class individuals an opportunity to invest in holiday homes and hotel suites. Similar to the fractional ownership concepts used by Pacasso in the US and Kocomo in Mexico, it enables cost-effective access for those who are unable to buy whole properties.

“The investment will be used to further develop the platform and hire more personnel to cater to the demand for fractional ownership of holiday homes and hotel suites,” said Janardan Tiwari, founder and chief executive officer, HotelYaari.

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