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Four in 10 employees happy with their current bosses: Survey

According to a recent survey, 40% of respondents look up to bosses who can inspire and mentor them to perform better, while 44% of the Indian workforce is satisfied with their existing bosses. According to data provided by job platform, employees leave their jobs for poor career growth (41%) rather than bad bosses (33%) as the main reason. 

To better understand the relationship between Indian employees and their managers, a survey was conducted on the 16th of October, World Boss Day. According to the survey, the top two qualities that employees look for in their managers and bosses are good communication and listening skills (27%) and the capacity to inspire and guide (39%), among others.

4600 employees from various industries and experience levels participated in the survey, with 37% of respondents being professionals with more than 12 years of work experience. Most respondents (41%) cited poor career growth as the main reason they left their previous employers, followed by an unpleasant work culture and company policies (34%).

Interestingly, only 33% said they left their last organisation due to bad bosses.

Additionally, employees prefer bosses who provide timely feedback. More than 31% of workers prefer bosses that push them to do better and provide honest feedback on time.

Employees prefer bosses that focus on work-life balance. Since the pandemic, employees have modified their goals and expectations for their workplaces, in addition to being accustomed to working from remote locations. Various advanced preferences and workplace trends have emerged due to this disruption. Most employees prefer bosses prioritising preserving work-life balance because they believe it is more important than big compensation in today’s workforce.

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