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Cygnett Hotels & Resorts launches comprehensive leadership program 

Cygnett Hotels & Resorts is launching a new program to train future hospitality leaders. This Comprehensive Cygnett Leadership Development Program (CLDP) shows the company’s commitment to developing its staff, driving innovation, and achieving long-term success.

The program is designed to address a critical need in the hospitality industry: a lack of skilled leaders. These leaders are essential for adapting to changing markets, keeping guests happy, and managing teams effectively. Without them, hotels struggle to operate efficiently, innovate, and maintain high service standards.

The CLDP is an intensive nine-month program divided into three phases. This comprehensive training will equip participants with the skills they need to become successful hospitality leaders.

“We recognise the importance of nurturing and empowering future leaders at Cygnett Hotels & Resorts. Today’s competitive market requires a pipeline of visionary leaders who can help build and secure an edge over the rest. CLDP provides insight into real life examples so hospitality leaders understand how the right mindset, attitude, and communication directly impacts team performance,” said Sarbendra Sarkar, founder and chairman of Cygnett Hotels & Resorts.

Cygnett Hotels & Resorts designed the CLDP to be well-rounded and provide a clear structure for learning. The program covers a wide range of topics, including essential people and leadership skills, the latest digital tools, strategic approaches for key hotel departments, and even areas like HR, accounting basics, finance, marketing, and auditing. Cultural transformation is another key focus area.

To ensure a well-rounded learning experience, the CLDP incorporates various methods. Participants will have access to reference materials, tackle daily operational tasks to apply their learnings, and participate in interactive virtual sessions. Assignments will test their knowledge, and one-on-one interactions with industry experts offer valuable mentorship. This comprehensive approach ensures participants gain practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge.

Finally, the CLDP aligns with international standards and even offers an internationally recognized certification upon completion. This program positions graduates as highly qualified and competitive leaders in the hospitality industry.

“The leadership development program offers an exceptional opportunity for our team members to develop advanced leadership skills, rethink strategies, and adapt to ensure the organisation remains at the forefront of progress. This comprehensive program will empower our key leaders to foresee future trends and unlock new avenues for business growth,” said Sachin Gaur, associate director of learning & development and quality assurance at Cygnett Hotels & Resorts.

Cygnett Hotels & Resorts takes another step towards building a solid talent pool with the launch of the Comprehensive Cygnett Leadership Development Program (CLDP). This intensive program complements the existing Cygnett Learning Academy, known for its diverse training programs. From job-specific skills to brand immersion and soft skills development, the Academy caters to both internal staff and external participants. This commitment to continuous learning has been instrumental in empowering Cygnett’s team throughout their careers.

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