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Curefoods extends its cloud kitchens in India

Curefoods, a leading cloud kitchen company with brands including EatFit, has announced the acquisition of many direct-to-consumer food brands around the country. Curefoods’ portfolio currently includes ten brands, seven of which are new, including CakeZone and MasalaBox, Ammi’s Biryani, Olio and Crusto’s, Chaat Street, and Paratha Box.

YumLane, Sharief Bhai, and Aligarh House are just a few companies acquiring exclusive online franchising rights.

Curefoods is hoping to onboard a total of 25 companies to tap into India’s expanding cloud kitchen industry. Fifteen more letters of intent have already been signed by the company (LOIs). When onboarding such brands, it usually follows a 21-day period of end-to-end closure.

Curefoods integrates these brands into the business by leveraging its end-to-end farm-to-fork technologies and highly effective consumer-facing marketing stack. Furthermore, Curefoods’ expertise in operating highly advanced central kitchen facilities enables it to power these food brands and accelerate their growth.

“We are on a mission to make good food easily accessible at affordable prices, and to do this; we are acquiring a host of brands that people recognize and love. Given the accelerated growth of cloud kitchens in India, especially since the pandemic, we want to leverage our market expertise and advanced technology in order to elevate and amplify the experiences these brands offer. By having them under the Curefoods banner, we will be able to ensure the creation of a highly standardized, efficient, and hygienic kitchen network across the nation. We are excited to have all the newly acquired brands on board and look forward to serving India some really great food,” shared Ankit Nagori, founder, Curefoods.

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