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ChatGPT accounts hacked, data of over 1 lakh compromised; India tops list: Report

A revolutionary artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT has raised concerns about the future of technology. But international political and technology leaders have repeatedly warned against the potential misuse of generative AI technologies. According to a report by Group-IB, the fears were confirmed, which stated that 1,00,000 individuals had their ChatGPT accounts hacked, revealing their personal information. The research highlighted that India had the highest number of compromises.

A Singapore-based cyber technology company, Group-IB, claimed that it had identified over 100,000 devices with stolen ChatGPT passwords. India (12,632), Pakistan (9,217), and Brazil (6,531) were the top three countries where users were impacted by the cyberattack, according to the Threat Intelligence Unit of the Group-IB.

These stolen credentials were also traded on dark web markets, with the Asia-Pacific area accounting for most of the accounts traded. 

Many technology experts, including Elon Musk, who called for regulating ChatGPT-like AI technology platforms, have expressed worries, and the revelations have confirmed their concerns. The AI Act, which asks for the regulation of AI platforms, was also recently introduced by the European Union.

Time Magazine made a revelation on the AI Act and reported that companies like ChatGPT maker OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google “lobbied” with the officials of the EU for a less stringent AI regulatory regime in the AI Act.

Globally, companies and individuals use platforms with generative AI resembling ChatGPT to increase their productivity. People might share sensitive data using ChatGPT while providing instructions to the AI platform, which adds to its value. Several companies have prohibited their staff from using ChatGPT, claiming similar reasons.

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