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Zomato launches ‘Zomato Food Trends’, aim to help both existing and budding restaurant partners

With the introduction of “Zomato Food Trends,” Zomato, India’s food ordering and delivery platform, aims to help existing and emerging restaurant partners in taking a data-driven approach towards decision making.

Zomato Food Trends, a free, open platform accessible to everyone, will offer insights through analyzing data from millions of transactions across hundreds of Indian cities. These insights can be used by restaurant partners to customize their strategies and make data-driven decisions that will accelerate and increase their success.

Restaurant partners can use this platform to view pricing distribution and demand trends for various dishes or cuisines, demand-supply comparison for multiple dishes or cuisines, demand and supply gaps (zoomed in to a location level), and price and demand trends for different dishes or cuisines. This information can be used by restaurants to decide on dishes, locations, prices, etc.

Elaborating on the platform in its blog, Zomato stated, “We strive to be a trusted partner to everyone, providing a level playing field, particularly for smaller restaurants, to help them flourish in this dynamic and competitive market. That’s why we have made Zomato Food Trends accessible not only to all our listed restaurant partners, but also to the general public, free of charge. We firmly believe that anyone who dreams of starting and scaling a restaurant business should have the opportunity to do so.”

Indian restaurants have seen significant transformation in recent years to adapt to the market’s shifting demands and consumers’ evolving preferences. Traditional cuisines such as Mughlai or Chinese now co-exist with an increasing demand for artisanal pizzas, gourmet burgers, and authentic regional Indian cuisines. The Indian food entrepreneur has an outstanding ability for spotting trends, identifying gaps in market need, and innovating to close those gaps. Zomato Food Trends offers support to both current and budding restaurant partners in their endeavours.

Sharing their experience of incorporating Zomato Food Trends in their business, Shadman Faize, Founder, Zam Zam said, “Zomato Food Trends helped me understand what customers prefer in my area and at what price points. It helped me to re-design my menu and serve my customers better”.  Another food entrepreneur Kanan Rai, Founder, Motu Ki Kachori quoted, “I’ve been using ‘Zomato Food Trends’ ever since it was launched, and it’s such a great tool to get insights into food consumption and supply trends which have been a black box so far. Say if I want to know if people like Paani Puri or Kachori, when they like to order it and from which area- there is now a simple tool”.

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