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Women employees constitute 34% of Westlife Foodworld’s workforce 

Westlife Foodworld, the owner and operator of McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India, has said the company now employs 3,899 women, constituting 34 per cent of its total workforce, as of March 5.

According to a statement, the company had 2,893 women employees in 2022 (32% of the total workforce) and 2,385 women employees in 2021 (30% of the entire workforce).

Westlife recognizes the impact that its female employees have made on both the lives of their coworkers and the company as a whole. According to the statement, the company’s commitment to inclusivity goes beyond simply promoting equality and includes offering an environment and structure that encourages women to succeed at all levels.

Smita Jatia, Managing Director, Westlife Foodworld, said, “We at McDonald’s India place utmost importance on promoting a culture of gender equality and diversity. We recognize and celebrate the essential role of women in our workforce and are ever committed to creating equal opportunities that empower our employees and foster an inclusive culture that provides a level playing field.”

Almost 11,000 people work for Westlife Foodworld, and 34% are women, which is crucial to the business’s success.

The representation of women at mid-manager levels has increased by 150% over the previous year.

A 31% increase in the proportion of women serving as front-line managers in its restaurants can be seen throughout West and South India.

In June 2022, the company opened its first All-Women Gold Standard Drive-Thru Restaurant near the Statue of Unity in Gujarat’s Ekta Nagar. This restaurant is helmed and independently run by 28 women trained as per FSSAI guidelines on all the necessary safety, hygiene and other restaurant procedures. According to the statement, 90% of the restaurant’s female employees are recruited from the GMR Foundation.

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