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White Garden, an artisanal kitchen, opens in Bengaluru

A new restaurant has opened in Bengaluru to cater to the city’s evolving love for innovative cuisine and delicious modern twists on traditional Indian food. White Garden in Kalyan Nagar opens an elegant avenue with tasteful aesthetics that calm the busy streets. It is influenced by nature. A unique approach and trending recipes are used in the artisanal kitchen to create a mix of Indian food. 

Pattabhi Ram Madhyastha and Shrinidhi Hegde, the two dynamic professionals who founded White Garden, have been its strong pillars. The increasing popularity of this endeavour is a result of their shared enthusiasm for providing extraordinary guest experiences. 

“We wanted to embark on our passion for innovation into the culinary experience, especially for vegetarians. The vibrancy of Bengaluru‘s food scene seemed just ideal to pave the way and blend in our hotel management expertise over the years. We created a space that fuels artistic expression. White Garden is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience of taste, aesthetics, and serenity,” says Hegde.

Being an artisanal vegetarian kitchen, its strength is its commitment to using only fresh organic ingredients to provide a great dining experience. It disproves the myths about vegetarian food’s lack of diversity while bringing culinary delight to people moving toward a plant-based diet. Sanjoy Dhali and Krishna Khetle, two chefs, curated the menu.

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