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Vadilal opens the first dessert café in Ahmedabad

With the launch of Vadilal Enterprises Ltd’s first café, Ahmedabad residents had reason to rejoice. Now For Ever promotes fusion food, delectable desserts, and a visually appealing atmosphere to cater to millennials and Gen-Z and cultivate their passion for gourmet cuisine. Vadilal Enterprises wants to expand it to significant locations such as New Delhi, Surat, and Jaipur by the end of the year. In addition, Vadilal Enterprises intends to open a ‘Vadilal Now For Ever’ in every major city where it does business.

It serves approximately 60 dishes, all of which are produced with Vadilal products and ingredients, exported to countries such as the United States, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and others. Along with Vadilal’s well-known ice creams, the dessert cafe has added a new menu of fashionable and Instagram-worthy desserts and fusion culinary dishes to its menu. The effort is in line with the company’s aim to offer customers delectable and unique experiences.

“This concept came about from the simplicity that Vadilal Ice Creams embody. his is how we conceptualised Vadilal Now For Ever. We have over 150 flavours available in more than 300 formats. We wanted to use the same products that you get at any Vadilal store but with a never-before-seen twist to give you an unforgettable experience,” said Aakanksha Gandhi, brand director, Vadilal Enterprises Ltd.

Vadilal Group, founded in 1907, has many achievements to its name. It was the first brand in India to obtain a completely automated candy manufacturing line, and it was the first to introduce ice cream dollies, cones, and sundaes. Its Pundhra facility is the country’s largest completely automated plant. 

Over four years, it has received more than 27 honors at the Indian Dairy Association’s Great Indian Ice Cream Contest. In addition, the Trust Research Advisory Council and the Brand Equity Survey named it the Most Trusted Ice Cream Brand in 2013. Consumers also chose it as a Superbrand for the years 2019-2020.

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