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Techosmart teams up with Mo3lim for e-learning

TechoSmart for IT Services has partnered with the UAE company Mo3lim Electronic Educational Services to assist in developing the education system in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

According to a press release shared by Zawya, this partnership aligns with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 and the digital transformation strategy.

Mo3lim and TechoSmart will collaborate on e-learning using an advanced platform that the firm will make available, according to Mr. Mohamed Alhujairi, CEO of TechoSmart. He also emphasized the significance of e-learning and how it would result in a cutting-edge, adaptable, affordable, and interactive educational system that would support conventional education.

“We share the same social and cultural values with Mo3lim, and they have shown that they have a comprehensive understanding of the region’s needs. We will work together to meet those needs and achieve our goals as effectively as possible,” said Mr Alhujairi.

According to the founder and CEO of Mo3lim, Mr. Sameer Rahmah, the collaboration would aid in developing and implementing cutting-edge technology in digital transformation.

He said, “Today we are transferring e-learning in Bahrain to accessible spaces, enabling all stakeholders in the educational system–from government and private entities to students and teachers–to benefit.” 

To ensure that e-learning protocols were applied specifically customized to Bahrain’s educational system, he added that Mo3lim would try to learn about the Bahraini experience in e-learning.

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