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Techies worry about losing their jobs any time

Not just those who have recently lost their jobs but also other Indian techies who currently hold jobs in the US are worried. Some of them told TOI that they have sleepless nights since the sword of sackings is constantly hanging over their heads.

“Things are changing every minute here. There is a constant sense of uncertainty because people do not know how long they’ll have their job,” said a techie from Hyderabad working in California. Another techie from the city, employed with a reputed firm in New Jersey, said, “Many companies have stopped hiring, which created competition among aspirants, even for a job at a small firm. I am seeing my friends who have been sacked recently struggling to find a job, and I am worried that I might have to go through a similar situation.”

According to most techies, mounting bills and the rising cost of essentials in the US are other issues that keep people on edge amid the uncertainty in the IT industry.

“I have been struggling to find a job for months, and things are getting tougher. We are surviving on my wife’s salary, and it has become difficult to run the household,” said a techie who recently moved to New Jersey and is on a dependant visa for now.

Many people expressed their hope that the government will lower interest rates as the price of essentials has more than doubled over the past four months.

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