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TCS launches virtual quantum computing lab on AWS

Tata Consultancy Services launched a virtual TCS Quantum Computing Lab on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build and test enterprise business solutions and accelerate the adoption of quantum computing. TCS plans to use the lab to develop industry solutions, set performance benchmarks for specific domains, and drive hackathons.

TCS has invested in quantum computing research for more than four years, collaborating with partners from technology providers, academia, and the startup ecosystem. This has already led to the filing of two patent applications and advancements in artificial intelligence, optimization, cryptography, and digital security. TCS also supports numerous government initiatives for quantum computing and standard bodies.

“Our customers can jumpstart their quantum computing journey by taking advantage of the investments TCS has made in this powerful technology, backed by our strong partnership with AWS,” TCS, AWS Business Unit Global Head Krishna Mohan said.

To help customers design solutions in domains like portfolio risk evaluation, secure communication ecosystems, forecasting customer behaviour, and production planning, TCS will tap on its technological expertise and use qubits.

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