Monday, April 22, 2024 launches next-gen intelligent booking engine version 2 for hotels launches next-gen intelligent booking engine version 2 for hotels, a top provider of hospitality tech solutions, unveiled its latest Intelligent Booking Engine Version 2. This new engine aims to simplify hotel bookings for hotels and guests while increasing hotel profits.

According to the company, this advanced booking engine will enable hotels to secure more direct bookings, reduce commissions paid to third-party channels (OTAs), and improve the guest experience.

Announcing the launch of the next-generation solution, Raj Sahu, founder & CEO of, said, “In today’s competitive hospitality landscape, hotels need innovative solutions to optimize their bottom line and capture a larger share of direct bookings. Our Intelligent Booking Engine empowers hotels to achieve just that by streamlining the booking process, offering a user-friendly experience that rivals OTAs, and ultimately reducing dependence on costly commission fees. This translates to significant revenue gains and increased profitability for hotels.”

Recognizing the significance of a seamless booking process for today’s travelers, the updated booking engine features a user-friendly interface. This interface mirrors the functionalities of well-known OTAs, allowing customers to complete bookings in just three simple steps. This helps reduce booking difficulties and boosts conversion rates.

The updated solution includes features to help hotels increase revenue by creating and overseeing promotions, early bird discounts, last-minute deals, and custom packages. Its data-driven insights provide valuable information on guest behavior.

The new booking engine also offers advanced SEO optimization tools to improve a hotel’s visibility on search engines, attracting more organic traffic and direct bookings. It seamlessly integrates with Google Hotels, enabling hotels to showcase free booking links on the platform, expanding their reach and attracting potential guests.

Hotels can personalize the booking engine with custom theme colors and fonts, ensuring seamless alignment with their brand identity. It offers multi-payment gateway integration, enabling secure payments through various popular gateways and giving guests options and convenience. The integrated Chatbot feature provides guests real-time support and answers to common questions.

On the guest interface, guests can ask questions and receive immediate responses. They can also leave reviews directly through the booking engine, offering valuable feedback. The engine integrates with nearby place listings, including distance calculations, assisting guests in exploring the area, and planning activities.

Operating independently, the Intelligent Booking Engine grants hotels complete control over bookings and guest data. It seamlessly integrates with an Extranet, allowing hotels to manage rates, inventory, and restrictions across multiple channels from a unified platform.

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