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Surge in digital travel platforms usage; 57% Indians seek planned itineraries: report

Over 50% of travellers prefer pre-planned itineraries, according to the APAC Travel Confidence Index 2023 from online travel agency, which shows how digital travel platforms have revolutionized travel planning. The APAC Travel Confidence Index 2023 highlights the rapid uptake of digital travel platforms, changing how Indians plan, book, and experience their journeys.   

According to the survey, 57% of Indian travellers now prefer meticulously planned itineraries, including local excursions, restaurants, and attractions.   

For 30% of people, making reservations for accommodation and transport in advance is essential, while the rest rely mostly on spontaneity.

According to the report, 42% of Indian travellers rely on digital travel platforms to make their reservations, demonstrating the importance of this trust. Notably, 40% of travellers look for platforms that enable a connected trip experience, integrating travel, lodging, activities, and services into an itinerary. According to the report, these experiences are in high demand because of their unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and immersive nature.

Before confirming, they take into account several factors. Beyond cost, essential elements include flexible cancellation policies and wide-ranging booking options. According to the report, platforms with lenient refund and cancellation policies are prioritized by about 40% of users.

According to the report, about 50% of respondents use online accommodation platforms to compare prices before making reservations. Nearly 40% choose platforms that offer various stay options, including hotels, resorts, hostels, and more.

Additionally, about 35% consider user reviews and experiences when choosing a platform. According to the report, loyalty programmes have a 24% impact on Indian travellers’ platform choices. and Milieu Insight conducted research with 8,800 respondents across 11 APAC countries and territories for the APAC Travel Confidence Index.  

The study assessed variables such as travel willingness, spending intentions, trip frequency, and travel willingness within the current macroeconomic environment. It also delved into market-specific queries, sustainability perspectives, and travel considerations. A two-axis framework was used to establish rankings that showed levels of interest in sustainability and travel.

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