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STL Academy trains 1,00,000 technology & telecom experts ahead of 5G rollout

There is a 28% demand-supply gap in heterogeneous skill sets in the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud management, database intelligence, cybersecurity, programming, and many more due to the introduction of 5G and complicated applications anticipated to cover the whole telecom industry. Sterlite Technologies (STL), based in Pune, has helped close this gap by training more than 100,000 professionals to make India a centre for digital talent through its educational programme STL Academy. 

They are successfully working to reduce the industry’s skillset gap to install 5G in a timely and seamless manner. Through this academy, STL offers intensive deployment practises, troubleshooting, and network maintenance training to Army soldiers working on Network for Spectrum (NFS) maintenance, STL’s partner operators, and the organization’s project engineers.

The Learn from Home (LFH) series from STL Academy has delivered over 40 webinars, 500+ IBM professional certifications, and 30 SimpliLearn certificates. The Academy has incorporated 8,000 IIHT Courses, 7 FOA certifications (CFOT), and a NASSCOM Alliance for National certification programmes to carry out pertinent skill-upgradation courses for STL candidates/students, faculty/staff and mobilize 100,000 youth under the NASSCOM skill project.

Deployments in other countries have shown how essential end-to-end integration is to the success of 5G and its upgrades. Taking advantage of this opportunity, STL is training the industry for a digital transformation. 

When they got 1,19,000 registrations for their 5G Empower event and completed the programme for 5868 participants with certification in under 24 hours, STL Academy achieved a place in the Guinness World Records for the second time.

Anjali Byce, CHRO at STL, adds, “Witnessing a rise in demand for professionals with diverse skill sets that span the hardware and software layers of 5G networks, STL has continued to help its employees scale up their learning quotient through STL Academy, upholding the value of ‘Hunger to Learn’. Additionally, to create an inclusive next generation skill ecosystem, STL has committed to train 100K women free of cost through its 5G Empower course. The academy ensures that all employees’ skills and competencies are continuously improved by providing equal and inclusive access to various training and development opportunities.”

As a business, STL is dedicated to developing society. The mission of STL Academy also reflects this approach. All of the Academy’s activities ultimately lead to the pursuit of a more comprehensive, selfless goal: establishing a solid and trustworthy national network and developing opportunities for youth employment around the world.

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