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Spotify CEO Daniel Ek launches healthcare startup Neko Health

Daniel Ek, the founder and CEO of Spotify, has launched a Swedish healthtech company called Neko Health, marking his entry into the healthcare industry.

According to a LinkedIn post by the company, Neko, launched after four years of intense research and product development, aims to produce a healthcare system that can assist people in maintaining their health through preventative measures and early detection.

Daniel co-founded Neko with Hjalmar Nilsonne, the founder of Watty, an AI-powered, smart home energy usage and insights platform in Stockholm, Sweden.

“In Sweden, healthcare costs have increased 50% faster than GDP since the year 2000, and in 28 of 32 EU countries, the increase has been even faster. This has resulted in an unreasonable burden on medical staff to do more every year and fewer resources than ever for prevention and public health,” Hjalmar said in the LinkedIn post.

He added that the company believes the solution is to move away from reactively treating the sick and move towards prevention and helping people stay healthy.

The Stockholm-based company said its strategy requires completely reimagining the patient’s experience and integrating the most recent developments in sensors and AI. The company claims to have developed a new medical scanning technology that enables extensive and non-invasive health data collection.

According to the company, Neko Body Scan’s first health centre in Stockholm can provide a complete health examination for people with skin and heart concerns.

“The scan is non-invasive, takes just a few minutes to perform, and is followed immediately by an in-person doctor’s consultation to discuss the results,” the company said, adding that all diagnostic results are ready during a single visit, so people don’t have to wait weeks. 

Neko’s website says that it combines “more than 70 different sensors to capture a detailed picture of your health. The system is built by us from the ground up and is not available anywhere outside of our receptions.”

Neko Body Scan costs SEK 2,000 (about Rs 15,600). However, as per the company website, scans are currently sold out. But people can sign up for the waiting list.

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