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SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son talks up artificial super intelligence ambitions

SoftBank Group’s CEO, Masayoshi Son, has set a bold ambition for the company, and he believes their mission is to advance humanity by achieving artificial super intelligence (ASI). According to Son, this ASI would surpass human capabilities by a staggering 10,000 times.

“SoftBank Group has done many things until now that have all been a warm up for my great dream to realize artificial super intelligence,” Son told shareholders at the group’s annual general meeting. 

Masayoshi Son is a champion of new technologies’ transformative potential, and his success with the rise of the internet and smartphones is a testament to that vision. This latest focus on achieving artificial super intelligence seems to be another example of Son’s willingness to push boundaries.

SoftBank’s CEO, Masayoshi Son, isn’t just aiming for the stars. He’s building the spaceship. Known for his big bets on transformative technologies, Son revealed plans to go all-in on AI robots for everything from factories and logistics to self-driving cars. 

This ambitious vision, however, requires a hefty investment, and Son acknowledges that SoftBank will need to partner up to pool resources for this “immense capital” undertaking.

SoftBank’s CEO, Masayoshi Son, has a complex reputation regarding tech investments. While he’s known for championing groundbreaking technologies like the internet and smartphones, some recent setbacks have cast a shadow. Many tech startups funded by SoftBank’s Vision Funds have struggled since 2021, and his predictions about the “internet of things” haven’t come to fruition.

The recent success of SoftBank’s subsidiary Arm, a chip designer, has rekindled investor confidence in his vision, particularly regarding AI. This positive momentum seems to fuel Son’s current focus: super intelligent AI robots for various industries.

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