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Skill assessment startup bags ₹3.2 crore investment, a skill-based hiring platform that aims to automate the recruitment and screening process, has raised a $400,000 pre-seed round from Better Capital. 

According to a statement, the funds will be used to hire for the product, engineering, and marketing roles and to onboard subject-matter experts to help broaden the scope of skills currently tested. 

As the hiring process moves online, the number of candidates applying for open positions has skyrocketed. Equip’s automated skill assessments assist recruiters in filtering candidates for roles such as engineering, data science, sales and support, and so on.

Jayanth Neelakanta, Founder & CEO,, said, “We are delighted to announce our first round of funding. As the name suggests, we want to equip recruiters with identifying great talent. Equip will not only help companies reduce the time and effort to hire, but also help them look beyond CVs and pedigree, and focus on candidates’ skills.”

Vaibhav Domkundwar, Founder & CEO of Better Capital, said, “We are making skill assessments 100X easier with Equip and putting it everywhere it’s needed without forcing users to go on different workflows and journeys. We are excited to be the founding stage partner to Equip.”

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