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Six Senses Kyoto launches in Japan 

Six Senses Kyoto has launched, marking the brand’s debut in Japan and a new addition to its growing urban collection. Located amidst historic shrines and palaces in the ancient capital, Six Senses Kyoto offers guests a blend of city life and tranquillity, featuring holistic wellness, sustainability, and unique experiences.

The opening of Six Senses Kyoto signifies a historic milestone for the brand, expanding into new territories and enhancing IHG’s luxury and lifestyle portfolio, now the second largest globally.

The hotel’s design takes inspiration from the Heian period (794-1185), a golden age of art and culture in Kyoto, Japan. This era gave rise to the concept of “Miyabi”, or courtly elegance. The hotel’s modern interpretation incorporates traditional arts, creating a unique and elegant ambience.

Reflecting this heritage, the lobby features artwork inspired by traditional Japanese culture. A folding screen adorned with 504 hand-crafted Kyoto-made Rakuyaki tiles depicts the silhouette of Mount Kurama, a sacred site linked to the Tale of Genji and Reiki healing. Opposite the folding screen, a whimsical art piece offers a modern interpretation of “Chōjū-giga” (Scrolls of Frolicking Animals), considered the first manga in Japanese history.

The contrasting artwork creates an ambience that reflects the hotel’s mix of history, artistry, playfulness, and emotional hospitality. Biophilic design elements, such as the use of wood and natural materials, as well as pathways through inner Japanese gardens, enhance the connection between guests and nature.

This design narrative continues into the 81 guest rooms and suites, providing a tranquil sanctuary for contemplation.

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