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Shiftz, the tech-led hospitality staffing platform, launches operations in the UAE

Shiftz, a technology-driven staffing platform tailored for the hospitality industry, expanded its services and launched in the UAE within just three months of its debut in India. The platform, which provides a user-friendly application serving the needs of both workers and recruiters in the hospitality industry, aims to address human resource challenges and streamline the staffing process in the UAE. This move comes as the UAE’s hospitality market, expected to witness a 25 percent growth by 2030, ranks among the world’s most thriving in the industry.

Shiftz, a pioneering platform in the hospitality industry, concentrates on instantly facilitating ideal matches. It has collaborated with renowned industry leaders like Taj Hotels, Ginger Hotels, Barista Coffee, Chalet Hotels, and others. The SaaS platform oversees the entire workflow, encompassing hiring, task management, compensation, and employee retention.

After a successful launch in India, the company is venturing out into the United Arab Emirates, on which Rachit Mathur, CEO of Shiftz, remarks, ‘The UAE attracts millions of people from across the world every year. This influx of tourists has boosted the tourism industry and in turn resulted in the growth and development of the country’s hospitality sector to a large extent. This calls for the need for a strong manpower to support the fast-advancing industry. Our journey into the UAE market marks our commitment to revolutionize recruitment in the hospitality industry in the region. As the founder, I am thrilled to announce that our UAE operations are being driven by our founding partners, Elrona D’Souza, SHRM-SCPSM and Desma Rovina D’Souza, who are seasoned HR professionals with over 40 years of experience across the UAE. They have held top leadership roles with iconic brands prior to setting up their award-winning boutique HR Consultancy in Dubai.’

In June 2023, Shiftz initiated its operations in New Delhi, and it has already amassed a user base of more than 20,000 individuals, experiencing a monthly growth rate of 50 percent. Presently serving a clientele exceeding 100, Shiftz actively tackles the numerous challenges within the hospitality sector, such as high attrition rates, low job fill rates, and limited relevant job opportunities. The platform utilizes an AI-powered discovery engine to aid companies in locating the most suitable on-demand workers, with each profile undergoing a thorough background check and detailed verification.

“We are very excited about Shiftz entering the UAE. We understand the potential of a platform like this is huge in the UAE market as it’s a fast growing one and hospitality is the backbone of this region,” quotes Desma Rovina D’Souza, founding partner, Shiftz UAE.

Shiftz offers workers an extensive array of more than 50 job roles to choose from, facilitating comprehensive employment options while simultaneously aiding hospitality businesses in expanding their operations without incurring fixed payroll expenses. Additionally, it presents upskilling opportunities for professionals in various cross-functional positions, enabling them to enhance their skill sets.

The platform encompasses a broad spectrum of remote workforce management components, including communication, security, task management, a discovery engine, a transparent dashboard, and upskilling tools. The Shiftz app has been purposefully designed to enhance productivity, foster long-term engagement, and provide flexible choices to both parties involved. Ultimately, Shiftz aspires to not only resolve staffing challenges but also evolve into an inspiring platform for professionals within the hospitality industry.

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