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SGF India acquires Mom’s Kitchen the Chandigarh-based food chain 

SGF India (Spice Grill Flame) has made a big move in the food world. They’ve acquired Mom’s Kitchen, a popular food chain from Chandigarh known for its home-cooked flavours and warm hospitality in Indian cuisine. This joining of forces marks a fresh start for both companies. They’re teaming up to create unforgettable dining adventures. 

With over 100 outlets now spread across India, it’s clear that SGF India and Mom’s Kitchen have worked hard to get here. They’re dedicated to giving customers meals they won’t forget, showing why they’re on top in the food industry. 

SGF acquired Mom’s Kitchen because of its dedication to offering healthy, tasty home-cooked meals, especially catering to people like students and working professionals who are away from home. By joining forces, Mom’s Kitchen’s flavors now reach even more people, thanks to SGF India’s wide network for expanding outlets.

This acquisition has not only expanded Mom’s Kitchen’s reach but also allowed for new marketing efforts. This has led to more customers visiting, engaging, and spending, showing their joint commitment to top-notch culinary experiences.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with Mom’s Kitchen, as we share a mutual dedication to providing unparalleled culinary experiences. Our partnership underscores the transformative power of collaboration in the culinary realm. Surpassing the milestone of 100+ outlets is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we are poised for continued success, driven by innovation and a shared passion for gastronomy,” said – Mr. Kewal Ashwini Ahuja, Founder of SGF India (Spice Grill Flame).

Mom’s Kitchen and SGF India are planning for the future with detailed growth strategies. They will focus on selecting the best locations, developing their franchise model, innovating their menu, enhancing their digital presence, and forming strategic partnerships. These efforts are aimed at enhancing their food offerings and strengthening their position in the competitive food industry.

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