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Renowned Business Coach Kishore Chainani Unveils Groundbreaking Book ‘Be’ The Outlier

India’s acclaimed relationship expert and business coach Kishore Chainani is causing a stir with his latest release, ‘Be’ The Outlier. Garnering praise from readers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals alike, this transformative book, published by Pendown Press, sheds light on the essential but often overlooked aspect of business success – building meaningful relationships.

Business Coach and Relationship Expert Mr. Kishore Chainani

In an era marked by intense competition and prolonged work hours, stress and disappointment have become the norm in the corporate world. With declining profits, increasing employee attrition rates, and unpredictable market scenarios, many entrepreneurs find themselves grappling with the challenges of the business landscape. Kishore Chainani’s keen insight, outlined in his book, attributes these struggles to a lack of focus on cultivating win-win relationships with customers and employees. The book not only identifies the root causes of business failures but also provides practical solutions.

Mr. Kishore Chainani said, “Success is not a destination but a journey shaped by the bonds we build along the way. It is actually all about one’s mindset. If you make your mind work on your goals, it will never fail you. ‘Be’ The Outlier is not just a book; it’s a roadmap to transforming relationships and thriving in both business and life.”

Through his pathbreaking Zoom programs, a fusion of spiritual knowledge and a neuro-scientific framework, Kishore Chainani provides leaders with a toolkit to foster meaningful relationships. He emphasizes that many businessmen, despite great ideas and products, fail due to a lack of zest for building deep bonds and strong relationships. What sets Kishore Chainani apart is his rare combination of exercises within a neuro-scientific framework. This blend seamlessly incorporates spiritual wisdom with cutting-edge insights from Neurosciences and Quantum Physics. The transformative impact of these programs is evident as countless entrepreneurs find themselves at the peak of their careers, basking in success. His workshops also provide employers with effective tools and techniques for employee retention, resulting in phenomenal success and a flood of mentorship offers.

For leaders yearning to thrive in their businesses, ‘Be’ The Outlier is a must-read. Additionally, tuning in to Kishore Chainani’s Zoom programs promises invaluable insights into the art and skill of relationship building.

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About Kishore Chainani

Kishore Chainani is one of India’s most popular leadership and business coaches, and what sets him apart from others is that he actually has spent 22 years in Senior Leadership positions at conglomerates such as Tata AIG and Genpact and built multi-crore businesses for them from scratch. He excels in mentoring entrepreneurs and business leaders, guiding them toward business success through the model of building relationships and forging bonds. Using a rare combination of exercises within his neuro-scientific framework, he seamlessly blends spiritual wisdom with cutting-edge insights from Neurosciences and Quantum Physics. The growing clientele list stands as a testament to his popularity and expert ingenuity. His book ‘Be’ the Outlier as well as his Zoom workshops are highly acclaimed by his clientele, receiving rave reviews for their transformative impact.

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