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Reddit acquires natural language processing company MeaningCloud 

Natural language processing (NLP) business MeaningCloud, which specializes in extracting meaning from unstructured content, has announced that it is being acquired by the popular online discussion platform Reddit. 

Reddit claimed that the technology would improve the business’ machine learning (ML) capabilities and understanding of unstructured data, ultimately giving redditors the most relevant information.

“MeaningCloud helps strengthen Reddit’s platform by helping our community get the relevant information they are looking for even faster,” Jack Hanlon, Vice President of Data, Reddit, said in a blogpost.

“With the addition of MeaningClound’s technology, we can continue our mission of providing simpler, richer, and more relevant content to our users,” Hanlon added.

The MeaningCloud team will support ML projects across Reddit’s Product, Safety, and Ads teams.

“We are thrilled to welcome the talented MeaningCloud team to Reddit,” Hanlon said.

“As we continue to expand internationally, this acquisition marks Reddit’s first office in Spain and supports our efforts to grow local communities and provide them with engaging and relevant content,” he added.

The company recently acquired the machine learning (ML) platform Spell for an undisclosed sum. 

Serkan Piantino, a former engineer at Facebook, founded Spell in 2016. It offers a cloud computing service that enables users to execute resource-intensive machine learning experiments without high-end hardware.

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