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Ramco Systems looks to tap Madurai’s tech talent

Ramco Systems, a software product company, is establishing a new/alternate development centre (ADC) in Madurai. This is the company’s first product development centre outside of Chennai, and 50 people have already been hired. 

Madurai ADC will focus on core product development, project execution and delivery, learning and development, and other areas as an extension of Ramco’s Chennai development centre. 

This year, Ramco plans to hire 150-200 people for the centre, with 60% of them being freshers- engineering graduates who will be trained across multiple product lines.

Ramco, which specializes in software for the aviation and HR industries, claims it is reinventing itself as it celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. It also has a big R&D centre in Singapore, which is now being expanded. Singapore’s R&D labs are hard at work on cutting-edge technology like Metaverse and digital employee onboarding tools.

“Whatever progress we have made in the 25 years, we have ambitions to achieve much more in the next 2-5 years,” Sandesh Bilagi, COO at Ramco Systems, said. Distributed leadership and localization of teams are set to be our mantra for the next phase of growth, he added.

“While we will not change our core focus of aviation and HR, we will look into deepening our presence in allied areas and expanding geographically,” he added.

For instance, Ramco is intending to serve more enterprises in areas like MRO, defence, E-VTOLs, and defence under the aviation segment, and has increased its usage of new-age AI-based products in HR. 

Ramco, like many other software companies, is investing in expanding its localization quotient across countries. In these markets, the company is developing local teams to enhance development, support, and implementation teams, among other things.

“We generate over 2.4 million payslips globally per month. It is not possible to service these from just Chennai,” Baliga said. “Payroll is an area which is not just about coding but also involves understanding local regulations, statutory aspects, and specifications for each market which is decentralised to corresponding markets to a large extent,” Rohit Mathur, CEO – Global Payroll & HR Business, said.

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