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Puratos India launches the Tegral Satin Cocoa Plant based Cake Mix

Puratos discovered that plant-based products have become more popular for several reasons, including ethical lifestyle, health benefits, and environmental sustainability in the “Taste Tomorrow” Consumer flagship Consumer Research Platform. Globally, the number of plant-based product launches in the bakery and patisserie sector is steadily rising.

Puratos India is happy to introduce Tegral Satin Cocoa Plant-based cake mix in response to consumer demands and the growing trend for plant-based baked products. This delicious cocoa cake mix offers the best taste, quality, and texture, enabling bakers and artisans to create tasty baked goods using plant-based alternatives.

Mr. Ashish Seth, Managing Director, Puratos Food Ingredients India Pvt. Ltd., “We are delighted to introduce Tegral Satin Cocoa Plant based cake mix, which is made using only the finest quality ingredients sourced from nature’s bounty. We believe in harnessing the power of plant food goodness to create desserts that are not only indulgent but also promote a healthier lifestyle. By introducing a plant-based cake mix, we are providing consumers with an alternative option that aligns with their dietary preferences and values”.

Puratos can customize products to match Indian preferences, values, and functionality due to their global presence, extensive experience, and R&D capabilities in India. Recent “Taste Tomorrow” surveys show that consumers are choosing products and services that are healthy for themselves and sustainable for the environment. When asked about using and consuming plant-based products, 69% of Indian respondents said doing so is better for their health than using animal-based products. 69% of consumers now buy plant-based products, up from 47% in 2018.

The Tegral Satin cocoa plant-based cake mix has real Belgian chocolate, a rich cocoa flavor, and a soft, moist texture. It is 100% plant-based and is available in 1 kg ready-to-mix packages. It is an excellent option for various customers because it perfectly satisfies the requirements of vegan diets and can be tailored to satisfy multiple dietary preferences or restrictions.

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