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Professional Social Media Platform ‘Medial’ raises $120K in a pre-seed round

Professional social media platform Medial has secured $120K in its pre-seed funding round led by FirstCheque VC. Notable angels from Bengaluru, Mumbai, and the US, including Nayan Jadeja, Rohitashwa Choudhary, Ankit Aggarwal, Radhakrishnan Ramachandran, and others, also participated in the round.

The funds will primarily be utilized for product development, user acquisition, and testing core app features, according to a press release from Medial.

Medial, founded and led by Niket Raj Dwivedi, Aishwarya Raj Pandey, Prateek Kaien, and Harsh Dwivedi, is a content and community-focused platform. With a vibrant community in various domains like tech, product, and UI/UX, it acts as a hub for startup news, industry updates, discussions, and advice. Medial aims to provide value through non-clickbaity content, fostering transparent and inclusive workplace conversations.

Initially, Medial served as an integrated platform for professionals in the startup sector. However, it has ambitious plans to expand its scope into a global job board and a comprehensive company profile platform. The app is actively fostering a community for a diverse range of professionals, including product managers, UI/UX designers, product analysts, venture capitalists, business analysts, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Medial stands out as a professional network akin to LinkedIn and Github, incorporating real identities. Additionally, it introduces an anonymous feature as an extra layer to enhance user experience. In terms of competition, Medial finds itself in the landscape with platforms like Grapevine, Hood (formerly Zorro), and, to some extent, FishBowl, Blind, and Reddit.

With a beta-stage user base exceeding 5,000 users, Medial is gearing up for an official launch by the end of January 2024.

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