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OpenAI to invest in Indian developers, hold summits 

OpenAI’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Kwon, stated on Saturday that the company will persist in investing in India’s developer community. Additionally, OpenAI plans to organize multiple developer summits in the country this year.

“India has the key ingredients of being one of the world’s leaders in AI. It has the largest developer community in the world, with some of the most impressive talent in the field, a track record of developing extraordinary technology businesses and a relentless focus on competing on the world stage,” said Kwon at the ET Now Global Business Summit in New Delhi. 

OpenAI intends to collaborate with Indian developers, addressing complex AI challenges in tandem with OpenAI product leaders. 

In this regard, OpenAI’s Vice President of Engineering, Srinivas Narayanan, had a meeting with developers in Bengaluru on January 5.

“Our hope is that this collaboration between Silicon Valley developers and Indian developers will put us on a path for building the tools that define our future” Kwon added. 

Kwon emphasized the importance of prioritizing safety while exploring AI’s potential. He highlighted that OpenAI tools can achieve enhanced safety measures through technological advancements, partnerships, and collaboration with governments.

“In OpenAI, safety and product development are not separate, they’re intertwined…We need to ensure that our safety features don’t just work in one country, or just in one language. AI safety must be globalised,” he said.

In January this year, OpenAI introduced the GPT Store. This platform functions similarly to a mobile application store, catering specifically to AI applications such as the chatbot ‘ChatGPT.’

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