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Olive by Embassy forays into hybrid hospitality 

Olive by Embassy, a multi-brand hospitality management company, has entered the hybrid hospitality and leisure sector. In response to the changing needs of today’s travelers due to the pandemic, Olive has introduced four distinct brands.

—Olive Life: Tailored for extended stays that imbibe community living 

—Olive Zip: Caters to budget-conscious travelers 

—Olive Hotels: Delivering premium accommodations 

—Select Olive: Elevating the experience with luxury offerings

Olive’s unique approach to hybrid hospitality centers on a “hospitality first” philosophy. There is a growing demand for versatile spaces that promote connections and elevate guest experiences. Hybrid hospitality seamlessly combines concepts such as hotels, co-living spaces, co-working areas, members’ clubs, wellness facilities, and dining options, all within a single location, as stated in a company release.

Olive offers a variety of accommodation choices tailored for different customer groups. Olive Life serves students and young professionals in tier 1, 2, and 3 cities, offering three months or longer stays. Olive Zip is designed for budget-conscious travelers in similar locations, providing affordable daily stays. Olive Hotels targets well-off travelers, providing many rooms and amenities. Meanwhile, Select Olive pampers guests with luxurious experiences in leisure destinations. Regardless of the option chosen, guests can enjoy the advantages of AI-powered operations, robust security measures, and exclusive discounts at partner restaurants.

With a forward-thinking vision to transform the hospitality industry, Olive aims to expand its presence nationwide and introduce high-end resorts and luxury accommodations in all major leisure destinations. Presently, Olive’s properties collectively offer 3,842 beds (1,921 rooms), with plans to increase this capacity to 9,000 beds (4,500 rooms) in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, as well as emerging markets like Hyderabad and Pune within the next 12 months. This expansion will also create job opportunities for 1,350 employees in various cities.

Discussing Olive’s growth plans, Kahraman Yigit, co-founder and CEO of Olive by Embassy, stated, “Olive’s distinctive offering underscores our unwavering commitment to a design philosophy that prioritises guest comfort and flexibility. As a hybrid product, Olive aims to bridge the gap between short-term and long-stay accommodations while preserving the flexibility and simplicity of booking, akin to reserving a hotel room—no deposit, no questions asked. Our strong emphasis on technological integration empowers us to provide a seamless, trouble-free experience for our guests. Our vision is to position Olive as a brand-agnostic hospitality operating platform, where our focus is on delivering unparalleled flexibility, service, and comfort.”  

“In our endeavour to redefine the future of hospitality, we are determined to establish Olive as the foremost destination for the modern millennial members’ club, ushering in a new era of hospitality tailored to the needs of the tech-savvy, discerning traveller,” he added.

Olive by Embassy is one of India’s leading hospitality management companies, having successfully created its remote operational system through strategic collaborations with Staqu, Zoom, and LivinSoft.

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