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Meesho registers 25,000 non-GST sellers in two months 

Meesho, an e-commerce platform, announced that it has brought on board over 25,000 non-GST businesses in the past two months. The SoftBank-backed platform initiated the process of onboarding such businesses on October 1, aiming to include 15-20 million non-GST registered sellers.

The GST Council, in July, decided to waive the GST registration requirement for small businesses engaged in intra-state supplies through e-commerce platforms. This exemption applies if their turnover is below Rs 40 lakh for goods and Rs 20 lakh for services.

Meesho reported that non-GST sellers make up a substantial 40% of its recent seller registrations. These sellers represent a diverse range of states, including Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.

A significant number of these sellers were previously engaged in business through social media platforms and their websites.

“We remain steadfast in our mission to digitise 10 million sellers by 2027, and we applaud the government’s historic decision to open vast horizons for aspiring entrepreneurs and enrich consumer experiences,” said Megha Agarwal, CXO Business at Meesho. 

This surge of non-GST sellers has led to a notable enhancement in Meesho’s product range. These new entrepreneurs have added more than 1.3 lakh new product listings, and an impressive 80 per cent of them are exclusive to Meesho’s platform, as per the company’s statement.

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