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Marwari Catalysts Portfolio, Accelerate India Takes Global Leap: Unveils First Cohort in Hong Kong & Dubai

Accelerate India, an initiative designed to promote startups globally, facilitate their growth, and foster connections, has entered a new phase with the successful completion of its strategic funding and is now geared up for its first cohort in Hong Kong and Dubai.

Accelerate India Propels onto the International Stage

This milestone aligns seamlessly with the organisations vision of bridging the gap between local innovation and global expansion.

Key Highlights of the Cohort:

Empowering 20 Startups Globally in a 7-Day Cohort Program: The 7-day cohort program will host 20 startups, fostering global exposure through strategic interactions with global investors. Designed for immersion, it will equip startups with essential tools, paving the way for a strong global presence.

Expansion Spree to US, UK, Germany, and Finland: Accelerate India is also set to extend its cohort model to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Finland. This strategic move underlines Accelerate Indias commitment to fostering global innovation and providing startups with diverse market insights.

Global Engagement at IndiaSoft 2024: Accelerate India is set to engage with a global audience at India Soft, connecting with 80 delegates. This presents an invaluable opportunity for forging global partnerships. Furthermore, Accelerate India will take centre stage by addressing founders from over 200 startups, both local and international, participating in India Soft. This multifaceted engagement aims to contribute to a vibrant exchange of ideas, fostering collaborative opportunities on a global scale.

Commenting on the announcement, Neha Sharma, Founder, Accelerate India, says, “As Accelerate India steps into this new chapter marked by strategic funding, the visionary support from Marwari Catalysts & strategic investments from Milapsinh Jadeja, Gujrat not only signifies a financial infusion but a profound endorsement of the platforms mission to redefine the narrative of Indian startups globally.”

She further adds, “Accelerate India is poised to chart unprecedented territories, unlocking the full potential of startups. With the ongoing cohort in Hong Kong and Dubai and plans for expansion, we are realising the dream of a globally connected and empowered entrepreneurial landscape.”

Cultivating a community of collaboration, Accelerate India is not just a platform; its a community where dreams connect, continents bridge, and futures accelerate,” says Sushil Sharma, Founder & CEO, Marwari Catalysts.

He further expresses, “Within Marwari Catalysts, we acknowledge the impact of transformative initiatives. The mission of Accelerate India, to connect continents and nurture innovation, aligns seamlessly with our values. Being integral to this strategic investment, we take pride in propelling promising startups towards greater heights. As we witness the ongoing cohort in Hong Kong and Dubai and look ahead to Accelerate Indias future plans, we are actively contributing to the dynamic evolution of global innovation.”

In conclusion, the evolving story of Accelerate India holds the anticipation of the global startup community, eager to see the outcomes of this shared pursuit in uniting dreams, bridging continents, and catalysing the future paths of startups across the globe.

Connect with Sushil Sharma, Founder & CEO of MCats, on LinkedIn for insights and updates.

To know more about Marwari Catalysts, visit: www.marwaricatalysts.com.

Marwari Catalysts is the fastest-growing startup accelerator founded in 2019. We uplift people and economies by facilitating and fostering startup ecosystems, primarily in the untapped markets of Tier II and Tier III cities.

Accelerate India is a visionary platform dedicated to propelling Indian startups onto the global stage. Our mission is to empower startups to realise their full potential, contribute to the global economy, and create a network of innovation and collaboration.

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