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Lèvere Clinic launches Aesthetics Clinic by Dr Tushar Vishnoi in Delhi

New Delhi, June 2024 – Lèvere Clinic, the innovative brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Dr. Tushar Vishnoi, is set to expand its footprint with a new clinic in Delhi this June. This state-of-the-art facility will offer cutting-edge techniques and science-backed technology, providing comprehensive skin, body, hair, dental and overall wellness services. With its expansion, Lèvere Clinic aims to bring world-class aesthetic and healthcare solutions closer to its growing customer base in the capital.

Since its inception in 2022, Lèvere Clinic has been a beacon of excellence in aesthetic care. The clinic’s name, ‘Lèvere’, derived from the French word for ‘The Glass’, symbolises its commitment to clarity and openness in every aspect of its service. With the highest quality machines and techniques that work on maximising results, Dr Tushar Vishnoi and his team are determined to provide clients with a complete understanding of their methods, ensuring that each individual’s journey towards self-acceptance is illuminated every step of the way.

Levere Clinic stands out in India by offering a range of internationally renowned and exclusive machines for beauty and wellness. Among these, the Morpheus8 is a top choice for global celebrities, known for its advanced skin treatments. For laser hair removal, the Gentle Yag Pro-U surpasses the gold standard, ensuring superior results. The Lasermatch machine provides permanent hair reduction, while the Purisma plasma skin therapy rejuvenates the skin with cutting-edge technology.

Levere Clinic also features the Mesoestic age element for anti-aging treatments, the Ultraformer MPT for non-surgical lifting, and the Hydrafacial Elite for comprehensive skin care. Additionally, the StarWalker MaQX from Fotona offers advanced laser treatments. These exclusive, FDA-approved machines guarantee a luxurious and safe experience, helping clients enhance their natural beauty and boost their confidence.

In the realm of hair treatments, Lèvere provides solutions such as hair transplants, anti-dandruff treatments, hair mesotherapy, and hair PRP, ensuring that one’s locks receive the care they deserve. Their skin treatments portfolio is equally diverse, encompassing Hydra facial, skin booster, micro needling derma pen 4 treatment, pigmentation and melasma treatments, skin rejuvenating therapies, skin tag and wart removal, dark circles and anti-ageing treatments, as well as skin tightening and lifting procedures.

For those seeking lip treatments, Lèvere Clinic offers lip fillers, lip tints, lip boosters and hydrafacial lip perk treatments. Additionally, they cater to eyebrow perfection through microblading. When it comes to dental care, Lèvere Clinic covers a spectrum of services, including aligners, veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, and scaling & polishing, ensuring that one’s smile radiates with confidence.

Talking about the launch of Lèvere Clinic in Delhi, Dr. Tushar Vishnoi says, “We are incredibly excited to bring Lèvere Clinic to Delhi. This launch is significant to me as it allows us to connect with and serve the vibrant community of our nation’s capital. At Lèvere, our focus has always been on transparency, innovation, and scientifically-backed techniques, all designed to help individuals embrace their natural beauty with confidence. Our new Delhi clinic will provide personalised care, ensuring that each client feels valued and supported on their wellness journey. I am looking forward to seeing the positive impact we can make together in Delhi.”

With already existing facilities in Moradabad, Mumbai and now Delhi, Dr. Tushar Vishnoi plans to expand the clinic rapidly in major cities across India like Bangalore, Ludhiana and Pune.

About the founder

Dr. Tushar Vishnoi is a dedicated professional and an entrepreneur who strives for excellence in every endeavour he undertakes. He excels in multiple roles, serving as an entrepreneur, aesthetician, and style icon. Dr. Tushar is on a mission to revolutionise the beauty and aesthetics industry by establishing numerous Lèvere Clinics in major cities and smaller urban centres. 

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Tushar Vishnoi founded Lèvere Clinics to address the noticeable void in the aesthetics industry. His vision is to create an all-inclusive brand accessible to people of all ages and genders, making beauty and wellness services more comprehensive.

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