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Lavna Locks brings new advanced technology security to your homes

L-A24 Elegance Redefined

With changing times, technology is taking over every aspect of our life. Disruptions and mishaps occur in daily life, possibly due to burglary, or sometimes you misplace objects like your house or office keys. This is where LAVNA locks are beneficial because they attend to your needs with the utmost security.

Numerous kinds of locks are available in the market, offering you the same security that ordinary locks claim to provide. Lavna locks stepped up and introduced locks that provide effortless management on your part.

LAVNA locks are built for comfort and convenience with A-one security features that come with an easy installation process. Lavna Locks L-A24-Black and Rose Gold (Bluetooth) is accessible with one click and includes all six in-one features, i.e. fingerprint sensor, PIN, RFID, OTP unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking and Manual key access for wooden doors. Along with this, the fingerprint sensor is on the top rather than the handle, which helps keep the wire in place and thus increases the life of the lock. It also comes with a WiFi option, and for sure, the appearance of the product is flattering and eye-catching.

Fit for both your wooden door and the metal door and can be installed from both left and right sides, both inside and outside of the door handle. Customers can easily install lavna locks by following youtube tutorials available on their youtube channel, or you can contact lavna locks for installation services at your location.

Lavna created these digital locks for the sole purpose of superior security and considering the customers who seek instant results from the products. Lavna locks deliver trust and guarantee the security of your home and offices.

Priced at 10,599— and available on Amazon and through the LAVNA website.

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