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IoT startup Doppelio raises $1.2mn in seed funding 

Doppelio, a leading IoT Test Automation platform provider, has raised $1.2 Million in pre-series A funding from Axilor Ventures and Mela Ventures. In 2019, Gaurav Johri, Sharmila Saha, and Rajesh Kathirvelu founded Doppelio. Fortune 1000 companies from various industries, including automotive, industrial engineering, manufacturing, and connected products, are benefiting significantly from Doppelio. 

According to research organizations, more than 40 billion IoT devices will be on the market by 2026, with a strong CAGR. Even more connected endpoints are expected to exist than that. Due to this extensive scale, organizations must ensure their products operate flawlessly, reduce the likelihood of product recalls, and—most importantly—avoid any negative impacts on users. IoT application lab testing, however, is time-consuming, expensive, and still insufficient. The connected solution’s failure risk and time to market are both increased. 

IoT application testing is made possible using Doppelio without physical devices. Its device virtualization, simulation and test automation capabilities enable clients to test comprehensively and quickly and reduce their dependence on field trials. Companies can test for performance with up to a million devices and a wide range of features (including FOTA, remote command and control) with Doppelio.

Gaurav Johri, CEO at Doppelio, said, “The response we are getting from large global enterprises validates that we are solving an important problem for these companies. As connected products proliferate in the coming years, we expect Doppelio to become a critical piece in the IoT ecosystem, We are excited to have Mela and Axiloras investors and this funding will deepen our investments in the product and go-to-market.”

Ganapathy Venugopal, Co-Founder & CEO at Axilor Ventures, said, “Axilor and Doppelio share a common vision of creating category-leading solutions for large global enterprises. IoT devices are becoming pervasive but testing them is still hard. This leads to slower release cycles. Doppelio’s advanced testing and simulation capabilities can help enterprises launch better products faster.”

Krishnakumar Natarajan, Managing Partner at Mela Ventures, said, “Doppelio is a great example of a company identifying a relevant and complex global problem and having a simple and impactful solution that can deliver value instantly. I am excited with the traction Doppelio is getting and am confident that they are on a path to becoming the category leaders in this space and being one of the game-changing global product company out of India.”

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