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Interview: Ankit Sehra, Founder, Ankit Sehra & Associates, New Delhi

Ankit Sehra & Associates is a modern-age Tax consulting firm offering legal & taxation services to startups and well-known businesses based in Delhi. Ankit Sehra is the Founder of Ankit Sehra& Associates, who has post graduated from Delhi University in Finance & Banking & he is an Advocate by profession & specialized in handling Income Tax & GST matters. He has over 12+ Years of experience in Corporate & Start-up consulting. Mr. Sehra will be sharing more details and insights about the firm with Business Review Live.

Would you please tell us more about yourself and your journey as the Founder of a modern-age tax consulting firm?

My name is Ankit Sehra, an Advocate by profession and Founder of ANKIT SEHRA & ASSOCIATES (ASA). Did my post-graduation from Delhi University in finance and banking. I have 12+ years of experience in the field of Tax consulting, Internal Auditing, M & A, Corporate financing, Insolvency management, Statutory Audit, Tax Audit/ Gst Audit/ Stock Audit, Corporate Laws, Cross Border Taxation Advisory, Withholding Tax Solution, Export credit, Duty Drawback, Liasioning & Negotiation work. I am also a Business Partner of AV Capital, an investment advisory firm that was established in 2015.

My journey has been Incredible so far as a founder, every day is a new lesson, and on a continuous basis, I am trying to make it better. No one prepares you to start a business from ground level; it’s all you who have to do everything from scratch. It’s an adventure as well as personal growth that you’ll never experience. I had been lying if I say that it was all roses and rainbow. And everything went on smoothly; no, it was not. I was stuck, and I wanted to build a team that could give their best to this firm because you cannot do everything alone; getting the right people to do the right task was challenging, which also took time. I was in the phase where I was also getting to know myself, that what I can do and what I cannot; many things go in one’s mind when you are building something that also makes you question yourself. Like, am I heading in the right direction or whether am I aligned to my goals.

But now, when I look back to those days, I am happy to say that those were days that motivated me and kept me going, which is why today ASA has become a successful modern age tax consulting firm.

India is home to many Tax consulting firms, and the competition is high; what makes Ankit Sehra & Associates unique? 

Everybody thinks that their business is unique. But I believe that there is a huge difference between saying and getting those things done. Merely saying the word “unique” will not make your business unique, so we believe in getting the things done rather than just saying it. So, when we say that we don’t make our customers wait to reach out to us, or make them press 1 for English over a phone call, or provide them with the best possible service, we stand true to every word.

We promise to provide the kind of legal advice like no other firm will. We work with some of the finest people in the industry who will help you understand the legal environment in which a business has to function because these factors may determine its success or failure. Moreover, we believe in commitment & we will be committed to fulfilling our promise.

As a result, we have such a great clientele who believes in our services. We also ensure that our customers do not hesitate before obtaining our services and make sure that they are at no risk of trusting us, making ASA a unique and trustworthy firm.

What are the different services do you provide? Could you give us more insights into this?

We provide a number of services to our clients; we aim to simplify the complex process of filing any legal document related to Income Tax, GST & ROC Department. We mostly consult on every part of business, whether it’s business registration, licensing, filings, reportings, liasioning & tax depositing. We have a team of experts who provide these services to our clients with utmost excellence. Our firm offers various services like taxation, startup registration, business management, investment advisory, and insurance services.

Following are my organization’s services in elaborated version:

Income Tax Fillings

  • TDS & Withholding Tax
  • Tax Notices & Assessment
  • Income Tax Audit
  • Tax Saving Advisory

GST Regular fillings

  • GST Audit & Notice work
  • GST Advisory & Litigation Support

Company Incorporation Services

  • Private Limited Registration
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • NGO Registration
  • Start up Registration

Trademark Registration

  • Copyright registration
  • Design & Patent Registration

Corporate law fillings

  • ROC Matters

Project Report & CMA Data

  • PF / ESI / Labour license
  • IEC Code / FSSAI Registration
  • Shop & Establishment Registration

Legal Notices

  • Power of Attorney
  • Gift Deed/Partnership Deed/ HUF Deed
  • Check Bounce Notice
  • Money Recovery

We also help our clients obtain home loans, car loans or education loans, and drug and liquor licenses.

Not only this, but ASA also helps its clients to register and manage their business worldwide.  We facilitate firm or companies’ registrations worldwide. ASA is a one-stop shop for all your financial dilemmas. With us, “consider it done.”

Who are your clients? Do you focus on only High-performing companies, any success stories you would like to share with us?

We have a diverse customer base, comprising individuals, HUFs, partnership firms, LLPs, Trusts & NGOs, Private or Public Limited companies, Govt organizations, and many others. Everyone files taxes to the Government & we enable them in filing it with ease. We handle different classes of businesses and serve them according to their specific requirements like restaurants, builders, IT companies, Exporters, salons, manufacturers, traders, Service centres, Water treatment services, Consulting services & many more.  And a big group of startups has also been associated with us.

And as for achievements:

  • The firm has demonstrated successful history of working in Accounting, Taxation, Banking & Financial matters and is skilled in Start-up Consulting, Auditing, Financial Accounting, Corporate Law Formalities, Income Tax & GST related Issues, Scrutiny-Litigation & ITAT matters, Assessment & Appeal filling, and on the technical side firm is skilled in ERP Implementation, Block-chain related technologies, Smart Contracts, etc.
  • We have worked with LUMINOUS, CBSE, DBTB, CYCLE Brand, and several others.
  • Acknowledged and are trusted by more than 500 happy clients.
  • Have a single window and a couple of options from tax filing to revenue creation that is integrated for simplicity.
  • We have adopted advanced technology like ERP and cloud-based culture for higher delivery of services.
  • We are integrated with first-class experts in the market to provide 100% pleasant assistance.

How does technology help your finance consulting projects, any innovative financial insights you would like to share with us from your experience at ASA?

Technology is absolutely a game-changer, from physical meetings to zoom meetings. Things are changing at the work level, and it saves clients time, and things are getting more task-oriented nowadays. Even the Government is completely switching over to the digital environment from its traditional documented techniques. Tax concealment & tax stealing has been reduced in a big manner & financial transactions have become more traceable in this technological AI world. These days, the maximum no. of transactions are automated & reflected to us before the client reaches us. That is what you say technology has changed for us.

Technology has also helped organizations to develop innovative financial services. The development of a better payment system is, however, a key challenge for organizations. We at ASA make use of these technological changes as best as possible to make our client’s process more transparent and collaboration easier. Evolving technology is at the heart of efforts to serve customers better through customer experience management. Therefore, adopting new banking technology and techniques is our main focus.

How are you helping companies navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and financial challenges?

This crisis of COVID 19 has caused global devastation on a scale never seen in the lives of many of us. Despite the impact, the response has been positive: Financial services companies have taken action to protect labour and use flexible agreements and capital buffers while ensuring that customers have access to the assets, products, services, and advice they need. COVID-19 has forced us all to make a variety of changes, large and small.

ASA has also made changes in its functionality. We have extended our investment advisory support to corporates and retail clients who have faced setbacks during these challenging times. When they reached out to us, we provided the best investment service, which can help them overcome their setback.

Tell us more about your team of highly skilled and focused accounting and financial Consultants; what makes you unique?

ASA has a team of advisors who are qualified professionals and can understand the fickleness of the market and who knows what suits best to our clients. Our advisors understand the client’s investment goals and needs; they help them explore different investment options. Everyone at ASA stays up-to-date with the latest financial news and trends to ensure they offer relevant advice.

Could you please elaborate on AV Capital, your equity, and MF advisory firm?

We are glad to say that we are a well-diversified financial services company, established in 2015, offering services across brokerage investment banking, wealth management, distribution of third-party financial products, research, financing, depository services, insurance broking and clearing services to corporate, institutional, high net worth individuals and other retail clients. We are a registered sub-broker (AV Capital) of Motilal Oswal Group, wherein we are handling portfolios of many reputed HNI’s & Corporates and managing their wealth in a growing manner.

Our Services Includes –

  • Broking:
    • Trading in Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Currency & Debt
    • Depository in Equity & Commodity
  • Distribution:
    • IPOs, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Fixed Deposits
    • Insurance – Life, Medical & General
  • Advisory:
    • Investment banking – IPO, FPO
  • Wealth Management:
    • Portfolio Management
    • Multi Manager Investment Solutions, Quant Portfolio, Structured Products
    • Real Estate Solutions
    • Private Equity, Portfolio Advisory, Financial Planning
    • Arbitrage & Hedging

And as equity and MF advisory, we offer hands-on support; one needs an in-depth understanding of all this. Nowadays, it is easier to gain information and compare online. But ASA offers expert guidance that can help put things in perspective.

Any available opportunities you would like to share with us from ASA?

ASA offers services that can be availed by everyone, from corporates to individuals. We provide end-to-end services for startups & established brands for setting up & managing their businesses in India. We further handle their legal compliance-related formalities, licenses approvals & also assist them in filling taxation returns for various Government departments.

Our Services include Business Incorporation, Government Registration & Licenses, Tax Fillings & Compliance work, Legal help & documentations, IPR Rights like Trademark, Copyright & Patent fillings, Registration like – ISO, IEC Code, MSME, FSSAI, APEDA, DIPP, NGO, TDS, PSARA, PF, ESI, Shop & Est., Section 8 co. and Trade License.

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